Cyber Security and Law Firms

A recent headline read: “Unsealed suit targets law firm for alleged lax cybersecurity”.  This article appeared in the American Bar Association Journal here.

Over the past few years the many facets for estate planning and real estate have changed drastically. There is a great amount of personal information being provided to attorneys.  We are aware of the many security breaches with retailers and others in the industry that have exposed personal information. These exposures include credit information, identity thief, and fraudulent purchases – all of which are at an all-time high.

At Anselmo Lindberg & Associates, LLC (ALA) we take technology security very seriously. As the Director of IT and Security, I ensure that all of our systems are checked constantly. This includes checking and updating our systems daily and throughout the year for the latest security updates and industry best practices. In addition, we backup and replicate our systems to a highly secured facility to remove the exposure of losing our clients’ data. This is done throughout the day further adding to our data security and integrity.

By following these, and other industry and government guidelines, ALA can assure our clients that their confidential and personal information is safe and secure. At ALA we are constantly investing in security and the protection of our systems to ensure the safety of our client’s information.

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